The following is Chapter 5 of my book titled Matilda Comes to America God Bless Help America!

I slid the white keycard in the slot and the lift doors opened. I pushed the button that said Pool/Beach. The pool area was humongous. There were two very large kidney shaped pools with a string of in-ground Jacuzzi’s between them. On one end was a rock wall with a waterfall that flowed into both pools. In the distance I could see a kiddie pool and small geysers popping up from the patio and children were running through them. Next to the steps that led down to the beach was a huge tiki bar.

As I passed the tiki bar I looked at the keycard that had no markings on it and thought to myself, “Why not try it?” I walked up to the bar and a brown skinned bloke with a name tag that said Pedro was working behind the bar. “G’day and buenos dias senor Pedro can you por forvor help me?” Pedro answered in perfect English, “Oh my gosh, a pretty Aussie girl with a terrible Spanish accent.” I replied, “No worries, that’s about all the Spanish I know.” Pedro responded with a smile and said, “Spanish? That was more like manglish with a touch of Spanglish. What can I do for you pretty lady?” “I’m visiting someone. Is this card also a food and beverage card?” Pedro swiped the card through the scanner and said, “Yes it is. You can also use it in the restaurants, the lobby stores and the spa and hair salon.”

“I see you are one of Mister John’s girls.” I smiled and replied, “Well, I don’t know if I’m one of his girls, but he is a good friend of mine.” Pedro half frowned and replied, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that you were one of his uh, uh” I cut him off and said, “No worries Pedro, I know what you meant and it’s okay. My name is Tilly and I am visiting John.” “Wow all the way from Australia, you must be good friends. What can I get you?” I smiled and replied, “Yes, we are good friends. Burgundy please and Yellow Tail if you have it. Put some ice in one of those large Coca-Cola cups and a little ginger ale and slowly pour the Yellow Tail over the ice. Then put a lid on it with a straw.” “A Yellow Tail spritzer coming up.” “Thanks Pedro and give yourself a 50% tip. John can afford it.” After some small talk, I thanked him and headed for the beach with my drink.

I was amazed how flat Haulover Beach was. I’m used to cliffs and large boulders. The land was flat as far as I could see. If global warming is real, this would be one of the first places to go underwater. It was a pretty beach with brown crushed shell sand. There was about a 10 knot breeze from the southeast that made the hot sunny day very comfortable. I walked south along the water for about 100 metres and then I saw the sign that I was looking for.

Attention: Beyond this point
You may encounter nude bathers
No loitering on walkovers

Off came my shirt and shorts and I wrapped them in my towel and hung it around my neck. This was amazing. The highway was very close to the beach and the only thing that separated it was tall mangroves and a paved access road. I wondered if the drivers knew there were naked people just 20 metres from the highway. I became a little concerned when all I saw were gay males for the next 100 metres.

Finally I reached a lavender life guard house on stilts and there appeared to be straight people on the other side of it. I guess birds of a feather stay together. I looked to my right and there were bathroom facilities and a walkway. I had to pee so I walked up the wooden walkway to the loo and there were showers inside and outside. There was also a tunnel under the highway that probably led to the car park.

This was a very nice place. When I got back on the beach I was shocked to see constables patrolling the beach on 4 wheel all-terrain vehicles. There were also beach patrol four-wheel drive jeeps. And best of all there were no perverts in street clothes hanging around ogling the nude people. I guess the authorities were doing a good job. This was a real nude beach in a public park with lifeguards, police and facilities. This is unbelievable! I have read about this place, but I had no idea it was this nice.

As I walked down the beach I was shocked when a bloke walked by with a swinging penis that had to be at least 30 cm long (12”). I thought I was seeing things. Evidently he must have been a regular because he wasn’t drawing any attention. These appeared to be true nudists. There were people of all ages and sizes and nothing appeared to be going on but sun worshipping and the normal things that you see at a regular beach.

As I walked farther down the beach along the water, very few people even looked at me. Back home these large bouncing breasts and my long blonde hair was an asset and I drew a lot of attention to myself. Here I seemed to be invisible. These were really true nudists. The closer I got the southern clothes optional boundary, the less people were on the beach. About 10 metres from the boundary I saw a good looking bloke sitting on a blanket by himself. He had his shirt off, but was wearing a blue knee length swimsuit. He had medium length blonde hair and a nice build. Maybe I could make his day.

“G’day. I’m Tilly. You look awful lonely sitting here by yourself.” His eyes opened up wide as he stared at my breasts as I approached him. Then his eyes moved down to my hairless pubic area. I hate to use the word pussy, but that is what he was looking at. “Mind if I sit down next to you?” I didn’t wait for an answer. I sat down next to him and said, “I’m from Torquay, Victoria, which is in Australia.” He responded, “I’m Paul from Sunrise, which is west of Fort Lauderdale.”

“Why are you sitting here alone?” He answered, “This is my first time at this beach. I’ve only been down here a few months. I’m from Ohio and I heard the guys at work talking about this place. So I came down here to see for myself.” I smiled and said, “You can’t see too much way down here away from the people.” I paused and smiled and Paul blushed. I then said, “Take your suit off Paul and really enjoy the place.” “I don’t know Tilly. I’m just a mid-west country boy and I don’t know if I could do that.” I laughed a little and said, “That bulge in your suit looks like it wants to get out of there.” He turned very red and replied, “Yep and you sitting there naked isn’t helping matters.” I grabbed the bulge and said, “I think it’s telling me that it really wants to come out.”

Paul turned a shade of red that I had never seen before. I could feel his bulge pulsating and I said, “It’s not fair Paul. I’m showing you mine and you aren’t letting me see yours. There’s nothing down there that I haven’t seen before.” He turned his head away and said, “I don’t know if I can. I would be too embarrassed to be naked on a nude beach with a boner.” As my hand continued to massage him through his suit, I said, “Why don’t you take your suit off and we could get in the water together. Then you can show me what you can do with it.” He just about tore his suit off and I grabbed his hand and we ran down to the water. I was giggling like a school girl.

We went out about shoulder deep and I put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his hips. We were far enough away from the lifeguard house where most of the people were, but there was another lifeguard house about 50 metres south of us outside of the clothes optional boundary. I had a feeling we were being watched. There were also a few elderly ladies on the other side of the boundary that were looking in our direction. They had large sunglasses on and I had no idea if they were watching us and what they were doing. But, elderly people are nosey and they were probably enjoying the show.

Anyway, there was no way anyone could tell what we were about to do underwater. I kissed Paul and as our tongues started to play; my left hand discovered that he was much bigger than I thought he was. I could have grabbed it with both hands and there would be almost enough room for another hand if I had one. Paul began to kiss my neck and then started to kiss down my body and I stopped him. I reminded him that people may be watching, so it’s better to keep both heads above water.

He then put his hand on my right breast and whispered, “You are so beautiful and your big nipples are driving me crazy. I wish I could kiss them.” I smiled and said, “I wish you could, but I’ll get your mind off of them.” I then slid into position and my hand guided him where we both wanted it. I didn’t expect such a quick entry and it caught me off guard and startled me. The wind picked up a little and the motion of the ocean made his thrusts even harder. Paul didn’t last long and I became frustrated.

I then said, “Let’s get out of the water.” We returned to the blanket and I spread out my towel on the sand. I then got on my back and said, “Get on top of me and pull the blanket over us.” Paul got on me and draped the blanket over us. The wind had died down a little, so the blanket stayed in place, but Paul held it with both hands just in case. We passionately kissed for a few minutes and then Paul began to kiss his way down my wet body. As soon as his mouth went over my right nipple they both became rock hard. He gave equal attention to both of my breasts and then continued his journey downward.

When his mouth arrived where I wanted him to go, I hoped he was horny enough to forget that he had just paid a visit there while we were in the water. He either forgot or didn’t care and I soon discovered that his tongue was very long. After about a minute I erupted like a volcano and my hips rose up and slammed into his face. I had to cover my mouth with both hands to muffle my scream. I had barely caught my breath and just managed to get out the words, “Do me now, right now!”

Paul crawled into position and we began to make love. We were going at it like animals in heat. We were doing the side position with him lying behind me. I don’t know what happened or why it happened, but in the heat of passion he rolled over on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him as tight as I could and he pushed and I pushed and we got into a violent rhythm in the missionary position. As our bodies slapped together the sound changed as our perspiration started flowing. We were both soaked and we were enjoying every second of it. Paul then put his arms around me and we both were squeezing each other like a pair of horny pythons.

I didn’t want this to end. He was totally satisfying me and I was satisfying him. The best part of the missionary position is that it makes it easy to kiss and I love to kiss. We were both approaching simultaneous orgasms when the wind picked up and blew the blanket away from us. We were in the middle of a long kiss and I don’t think either of us noticed and we kept going. Just as we both began our orgasms and started to loudly moan, almost to the point of screaming, all hell broke loose.

I’m not sure exactly the order of what happened next, but the following is my best guess. The elderly ladies began to scream and started to run toward the lifeguard house. The lifeguard, if he wasn’t already watching us, became alerted by the ladies screams. The lifeguard must have grabbed his radio and called the authorities and the beach patrol. I’m not sure who answered his call but a four-wheel drive vehicle south of the lifeguard house was heading in our direction.

We were oblivious to what was occurring and continued our lovemaking and our erotic noise of passion was getting louder and louder. I then sensed something was wrong and looked south, to my right as the elderly ladies and the four-wheel drive beach patrol vehicle reached the lifeguard house. The ladies jump out of the way of the northbound four-wheel drive vehicle. The beach patrol vehicle was driving swiftly through the sand and veered to its right to avoid a collision with the ladies and slammed into one of the stilts that supported the lifeguard house.

Paul and I were now on our feet gathering our clothes as the lifeguard house began to topple over. Paul yelled to me as he grabbed my hand, “To the tunnel!” As we started to run, leaving the blanket and towels behind, I saw the lifeguard jump from the structure and the four-wheel vehicle slide to a complete stop. The elderly ladies were still rolling around in the brown sand. As we ran and watched what was occurring, it appeared that no one was seriously injured. I can’t tell you how relieved I was, but I was scared to death and so was Paul and we both kept running. My adrenalin was flowing and I was running faster than I have ever run before. Paul was still holding my hand, but I was in front pulling him.

We ran through the tunnel and came out on the other side, which was a car park. We were still naked and Paul pulled me toward a white Chevrolet Impala about three rows in. I heard the chirp of his remote unlocking the doors and we both jumped in. I quickly put my shorts and tee shirt on and grabbed a towel that was on the back seat and put it over Paul's lap. I was shocked to see that after all that had occurred; the bloke still had his boner. The car started and the tires squealed and about 5 seconds later we were out of the car park and heading north on Collins Avenue.

A short time later I recognised John’s condo building and motioned for Paul to turn in. When we reached the front door I leaned over and kissed him and said, “You don’t know my last name and I don’t know yours. We had fun, but I doubt if we will ever see each other again. You never stopped at this place.” I leaned back over and kissed him again and I got out of the car and headed to the door. When I reached the door I thought that maybe I was being mean and maybe I should have invited him in. When I turned around I saw Paul’s car leave the driveway heading north, with the towel probably still on his lap. I wondered how far he would go with that ‘boner’ before he was able to stop and put his swimsuit back on.

I nonchalantly entered the lobby and walked to the back where the private penthouse lifts were. When the lift arrived at John’s condo, I used the keycard and went inside. Kelli and John were sitting on the beige leather couch. They were nude and both were holding a glass of wine. John asked, “How was the beach Tilly?” I said, “It’s a nice beach, but nude beaches are all the same, not a big deal. I just found a spot by myself and sat on the beach and enjoyed the fresh air.” Kelli reads me pretty well and gave me the type of look that she knew I had a story to tell later in private.

They both gave me a funny look and when I looked in the floor to ceiling length mirror on the wall behind them I knew why. My wet hair was matted with sand and I had been perspiring so much, sand was stuck to my skin all over my body. I even had sand in my arse and crotch under my shorts. I smiled and quickly walked into one of the bathrooms and started the shower. There was no way I was going to tell John what happened. Going out and getting laid while being his guest is bad enough, but possibly being wanted by the police would probably destroy our friendship forever. Plus it would be bad for my photography business since I specialise in nude photography and John owns half of the porn industry.

I decided to get John’s mind off whatever he was thinking. When I finished my shower I wrapped a towel around my wet hair, dried off my body and went out into the living room nude. I borrowed him from Kelli and led him into one of the bedrooms.

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